Medication Adherence and Interprofessionality

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The medication adherence and interprofessionality lab

at the institute of pharmaceutical sciences of Western Switzerland


Medication adherence is a key determinant of the ambulatory care system of the 21st century. It is defined as the process by which patients take their medications as prescribed. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 50% of chronic patients are nonadherent to their treatment worldwide (2003). This creates an endemic, medical and economic threat on the healthcare systems. Research is needed to better document the issue and its contributing factors as well as assess cost-effective, interprofessional adherence-enhancing programs to implement in clinical practice and envision new models of care.

List of ongoing research topics

  • Medication adherence in oncology
  • Medication adherence in diabetes and renal failure
  • Patients’ perception of contradictory information about prescriptions
  • Continuity in pharmaceutical care from the hospital to the community

Leading longer term research projects

Congratulations to:

Marie Schneider is the winner of “The John Urquhart Annual Memorial Lecture”, 24th ESPACOMP conference (International society for patient medication adherence), 13.11.2020.

ESPACOMP interview : Talking about medication nonadherence with Marie Schneider

Shekyb Solh Dost, winner of the 1st Ofac Pharmacy Awards 2020 prize (ex-aequo with another candidate) for the excellence of his Master Thesis entitled: Dispensing of HIV self-tests in the pharmacies in Geneva: what is the situation a year after their marketing authorization?


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