Pharmaceutical Biochemistry



Our research focuses on molecular recognition for a better understanding of ligand-macromolecule interactions in order to develop new therapeutic strategies including new chemical entities and new targets, using an interdisciplinary approach based on the combination of biochemistry/biophysics and chemistry with computational chemistry/molecular modelling.

The research in the field of pharmaceutical biochemistry/chemistry covers three main topics, namely Cancer, Neglected Diseases, Rare Diseases and Antibiotics Research.

  • In Cancer Research we have two main objectives, namely the development of a thymidine kinase based safety and monitoring tool for stem cells therapy and the development of inhibitors of the tyrosine kinase domain of oncogenic fusion proteins involved in signalling pathways.
  • Within the research area of Neglected Diseases and Rare Diseases we aim at elucidating and validating new potential drug targets for developing therapeutic strategies against orphan diseases e.g. dystrophy/SMA and the major parasitic diseases of the Third World e.g. Malaria, Tripanosomiasis and Leishmaniosis as well as finding potential lead compounds against such diseases.
  • Within the area of Antibiotic Research the objective is to find compounds inhibiting bacterial virulence with novel mechanisms of action.

Research Technologies and competences


Research projects

Cancer / inflammation
  • Targeting HIF-2a in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma with PROTACs
  • Hit-to-lead cancer immunotherapy drug discovery of adenosine 2A receptor inhibiting small molecules
  • Inhibitory therapeutics for treatment of autoimmune disorders
  • Scaffolds for Alternative Delivery (SADEL) for IBD and oncofitin’s platform
  • Computer-assisted drug discovery for new cancer drugs
Neglected diseases
  • Identifying and developing new therapeutic concepts for the treatment of neglected diseases
Rare diseases
  • Targeting RNA stem-loop structure linked to rare diseases e.g SMN2 (SMA) or LMNA (progeria)
  • Repurposing drugs in fatal inherited muscular disorders
  • Exploring the role of CEMIP axis in alport syndrome
Antibiotics / microbiome
  • Building a personalized therapeutic framework around Short Chain Fatty Acid production through dietary fibre supplementation