Awards & Distinctions

V. PATRULEA, O. JORDAN, G. BORCHARD, Award, Innogap Round 18, Technologie 1037-A985 "Antibacterial dressings for improved wound care".

3rd Poster Award, 9th Swiss Pharma Science Day, Berne, Switzerland, August 2016 (K. FUCHS). Prize for the best master thesis in industry 2016 within the section of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Geneva, awarded by the Swiss Society of Industrial Pharmacists (SSIP) (Albulena Lutfija).

Prix de l’innovation 2016 by the Fondation privée des hôpitaux universitaires de Genève for the project "Spontaneously forming nanoparticles of hyaluronic acid conjugates for joint lubrication and dermatological uses", Innovation day, Geneva, 20 October 2016

Cover story, Journal of Controlled release : "Perivascular sustained release of atorvastatin from a hydrogel-microparticle delivery system decreases intimal hyperplasia" J Control Release 232, (2016)

Award of excellence and innovation in interventional radiology 2015, Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe, "to the Leman Research Group from Lausanne, Switzerland, for their research on drug-eluting beads loaded with anti-angiogenic agents for chemoembolization" (A Denys, O. Jordan, P. Bize, K. Fuchs)

S. EHRENBERGER, D. BONVIN, M. MIONIC, H. HOFMANN, G. BORCHARD, O. JORDAN. 2nd poster award : "Injectable Nanocomposite for Embolization and Magnetically Induced Local Hyperthermia" European Summit of Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine (CLINAM), Basel, Switzerland, June 28-July 1, 2015

A. DENYS, P.E. BIZE, G. BORCHARD, K. FUCHS, O. JORDAN. Award of Excellence and Innovation in IR Handed over at the Annual Meeting of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) September 26-30, 2015 Lisbon (Portugal).

First prize poster award by AKB foundation: P. MAUDENS, C. THAUVIN, O. JORDAN, E. ALLÉMANN "Nanocrystals-Polymer Particles for Efficient Osteoarthritis Treatment" 8th Swiss Pharma Science Day, Bern, Switzerland, August 19, 2015.

Poster Award: S. EHRENBERGER, D. BONVIN, M. MIONIC, H. HOFMANN, G. BORCHARD, O. JORDAN "Injectable Nanocomposite for Embolization and Magnetically Induced Local Hyperthermia" 8thMeeting of the European Society for Clinical Nanomedicine (CLINAM), Basel, Switzerland, July 2015.

2014 2nd poster award : S. EHRENBERGER, G. BORCHARD, O. JORDAN. Local Delivery of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Application of Local Hyperthermia in Cancer. 7th Swiss Pharma Science Day, Bern, Switzerland, 20 August 2014

Best paper award, Outstanding Laboratory Investigation for 2014 published in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, December 2014 (K. FUCHS, P.E. BIZE, O. DORMOND, A. DENYS, E. DOELKER, G. BORCHARD and O. JORDAN, Drug-eluting beads for transarterial chemoembolization: Sunitinib loading, release properties and in vivo pharmacokinetics of DC bead® microspheres. J. Vascul. Intervent. Radiol. 25 (2014) 379-387.)

2014 best interventional oncology papers of the European Conference on Interventional Radiology: K. Fuchs, P.E. Bize, A. Denys, G. Borchard, O. Jordan. Sunitinib-eluting beads for chemoembolization: methods for in vitro evaluation of drug release. Int J Pharm, 482:68-74 (2015)

2014 JVIR Editor’s Award for Outstanding Laboratory Investigation: K. Fuchs, P.E. Bize, O. Dormond, A. Denys, E. Doelker, G. Borchard, O. Jordan. Drug-eluting beads loaded with antiangiogenic agents for chemoembolization: in vitro sunitinib loading and release and in vivo pharmacokinetic in an animal model. J Vasc Interv 25:379-87 (2015).

2013 Omar SAKR, Second prize in the Poster Award competition by the Foundation of the Swiss Society of Industrial Pharmacists on the Swiss Pharma Science Day 2013. Poster title: Double Chambered LbL Nanoparticles as a Novel Intracellular Delivery System.

2013 Gaëlle VACHER, Prix René Bernier for the best dissertation , "virus-like particle-based vaccines formucosal application" Académie nationale de pharmacie (France).

2013 Gerrit BORCHARD was elected Vice-President of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS)

2012 Best paper award 2012 in the Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology (G. VACHER, C. GREMION, C. MOSER, S.A. STOFFEL, M. AMACKER, R. GURNY and G. BORCHARD, Virosomal C. albicans vaccine for vaginal application: Formulation development and toxicity/immunogenicity studies. J. Drug Del. Sci. Tech. 22 (2012) 447-452.).