Analytical tools like UV/VIS spectrophotometer, two 96-well multi-plate reader of the type Synergy HT and a BMG CLARIOstar with possibility of developing Florescence polarisation based assays, HPLC and UPLC coupled with UV and diodes array, two UPLC coupled with a Xevo TQ MS and 600 MHz NMR are also available for protein stability study. An AF2000-MALS from Postnova is available for accurate analysis of protein aggregates using multiple angle light scattering technology. "FDSS µCELL" from Hamamatsu (Functional Drug Screening System (FDSS) is a kinetic plate reader with an integrated dispensing head and imaging-based detector) is available for performing HTS using the BRET-technology. Access to the in house crystallization medium throughput facility constituted by a manual 96 tips head robot for reservoir dispensing, a nanoliter robot for “on the fly” dispensing in 96 wells plates and an automatic imaging system for follow-up of the crystallization experiments (50 plates capacity) is granted. Microscopes, temperature-controlled as well as a PX scanner for directly assessing crystal quality in crystallization boxes incubators are available at the host laboratory. An X-ray data collection system consisting in a STOE X-ray Stadi Vari system mounting a GeniX Cu very high flux (Xenocs source and optics), a Stoe Stadi Vari 2-circle goniometer with fixed chi phi axis and a PILATUS 300K (Dectris) detector has been recently acquired by the host lab in collaboration with the two colleagues of Biology and is available.A cryostream 700 is incorporated into the system for cryo measurements. The system is controlled using the Stoe control and data acquisition software “X-Area”.


UPLC coupled with UV and diodes array