The wet-lab facilities include a protein chemistry laboratory for expression, purification as well as crystallization of proteins (fermentation facilities for bacteria and insect cells), Centrifuge (Sorvall LYNX 4000), kinetics (scintillation counter), CD, ITC, Biacore X100, qPCR (Biorad iCycler) for DSF, fluorescence spectrometer, Monolith NT.115 (nanotemper technology for thermophorisis) for binding measurement as well as a cell culture laboratory (90 sqm) for carrying out the proposed investigations (Functional biosensor assay development) up to class 2 activities (BUWAL notification) are available for use in Prof. Scapozza’s group. For the purification of proteins three Aekta purifier (room temperature and 4°C degree) are available.


Sorvall LYNX 4000


Biacord X100