Calculation of LSS parameters in LC

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This Excel tool allows to calculate the LSS parameters (log k0 and S) to model retention of compounds in liquid chromatography, based on a minimum number of two gradients (up to four gradients can be considered). This calculator is an alternative solution to the use of HPLC modeling software for those who are not equipped. Besides providing the log k0 and S values, it also allows to predict retention time under different gradient conditions. Due to the fact the log ki has to be higher than 2.1, this excel tool is particularly well adapted for proteins which possess a on/off mechanism of retention. More information on the mathematical procedure employed in the calculator can be found in the following publication submitted to Journal of Separation Science:

D. Guillarme, T. Bouvarel, F. Rouviere, S. Heinisch (2022), A simple mathematical treatment for predicting linear solvent strength behaviour in gradient elution: application to biomolecules, Journal of Separation Science, 45(17), 3276-3285


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