LC Multicolumn Optimizer

LC Multicolumn Optimizer has been developed to assist method optimization and on-column fractioning of therapeutic proteins performed on multi-column systems.


LC Multicolumn Optimizer provides a technical solution for the automated optimization of multi-column systems for protein separations and fractionations. Various solutions are provided by the algorithm, including (A) highest possible selectivity between species, (B) parking of the different species at the individual column segments, and (C) elution of all species as a single peak. One can quickly find the most suitable multi-isocratic elution program to perform equidistant band spacing, or the required isocratic composition to fractionate the solutes. The solver enables to set various column lengths, number of column segments and target analysis time.

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More details about the theory and the use of the software can be read in: S. Codesido, D. Guillarme, S. Fekete, Algorithms to optimize multi-column chromatographic separations of proteins, J. Chromatogr. A 1637 (2021) 461838

To run the LC Multicolumn Optimizer, Python needs to be installed. Copy and paste the entire folder to your computer and run lcopt.exe.


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