HPLC Teaching Assistant


If you found this tool useful to your work, please cite this electronic resource as: D. Guillarme, J.-L. Veuthey. "HPLC Teaching Assistant", available online at https://farma-unites.unige.ch/fr/rudaz-lab/outils/hplc-teaching-assistant
D. Guillarme, J.L. Veuthey, “HPLC teaching assistant”: a new tool for learning and teaching liquid chromatography – part I, LC-GC North America, 2016, 34, 804-811. (PDF)
D. Guillarme, J.L. Veuthey, “HPLC teaching assistant”: a new tool for learning and teaching liquid chromatography – part II, LC-GC North America, 2016, 34, 906-915. (PDF)

HPLC teaching assistant: free software to help understand and teach liquid chromatography

"HPLC teaching assistant" is a tool developed in the Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Lab of the University of Geneva to simulate chromatograms obtained in differing analytical conditions in liquid phase chromatography (HPLC). This software can help teachers to illustrate the base principles of HPLC with the support of virtual examples (simulated chromatograms). Among its capabilities, this software can:

  • Illustrate the concept of chromatographic resolution by including the influence of retention, selectivity, and efficiency on resolution.
  • Understand the equation of van Deemter and the kinetic parameters of HPLC.
  • Master the impact of analyte lipophilicity (logP) on retention and selectivity in reverse phase HPLC (RPLC).
  • Grasp RPLC retention's dependance on acido-basic properties (pKa) of compounds and mobile phase pH.
  • Simulate the effects of mobile phase temperature on HPLC separations.
  • Master the differences in chromatographic behaviour between isocratic and gradient modes.
  • Understand the impact of instrumentation (injected volume and tubing geometry) on the kinetic performances and sensitivity in HPLC.
  • Illustrate the impact of analyte size on thermodynamic (retention and selectivity) and cinetic (efficiency) performances in HPLC.

"HPLC teaching assistant" can be used by academic teachers, as well as professional educators, willing to use modern teaching technologies. This software is free to use, but we ask that you mention systematically the name of the developers (Davy GUILLARME and Jean-Luc VEUTHEY) and the institution (University of Geneva) from which this software comes.


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